The Washing facility


At GNA, we operate a state of the art washing facility, which performs various tasks, including finishing washes and fabric trimming, especially for denim.


While the following washes are available in a variety of possible combinations:


  • The types of washes available at GNA for denim;
    • Rinse (for dark colors).
    • Enzyme stone (rubbing).
    • Enzyme wash (rubbing).
    • Bleach wash (light color).
    • Super bleach (very light colors).
    • Reducer-wash (usually for black to grey color fading).
    • Tint wash.
    • Raisin washes (for very dark shades).
    • Over dyeing (direct dyeing). /Garment Dyeing.


  • Piece Dyed washes;
    • Softener silicon-wash.
    • Stone enzyme.
    • Enzyme wash.


The following machines are in use:


  • Tonello machines for washing; (4 higher capacity) 5-10 model,
    (2 lower capacity) 4-20 model machines.
  • Fading effects are conducted manually using sandpaper.
  • (5) driers are used;
    • (3) Tonello, (2) Mino machines.
  • (2) Barrel washing machines and (1) drier for sampling.
  • Potassium permanganate is sprayed to enhance fading.
  • Any wrinkle/ fabric shape setting is performed using a curing oven.

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